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Cognition Audioworks sound designer/musician Andrew Duke has many years of experience; he has been commissioned by international companies including Sound Ideas (Canada; "Sound Ideas is the world's largest publisher of professional sound effects, royalty free production music and production elements."), FXpansion (UK), Equinox Sounds (Spain), Audiobase/Stockhouse Media (Canada),Music Tech/Anthem Publishing (UK), and Computer Music/Future Publishing (UK). Sound design and music from Cognition Audioworks and Andrew Duke has been used on TV channels including BBC Channel 4, Discovery, Science, CBC, CTV, Outdoor Life Network, FX, Prime, and Much Music.

What kind of results can you get from Andrew Duke's samples & sound design?
FX designed by Andrew Duke have been used in television promos for series including American Horror Story and Survivorman. Sound design from Andrew Duke was featured in the film Psyclist (Pyrrhus Productions, Luxembourg) and Portuguese comic book company Mmmnnnrrrg is using Andrew Duke's sounds to soundtrack their site.

Feedback from users who have purchased samples from Andrew Duke:

"Some excellent and very usable sounds from Andrew. Ranging from eerie atmospheres to abrasive screeches, these sounds are often good as is, or do well with additional mangling and processing. Many are loopable sounds and effects. The style is reminiscent of techno and industrial, but with a little imagination, they can fit almost anywhere. Lots of bang for the buck." Joe Silva

"Since downloading this sample pack I've been playing with the sounds non-stop! This is a wonderfully inspirational set. Loads of musically usable loops and almost all of them lead to a jumping off point for new tunes! The quality is outstanding--anyone that has used your free loop packs would be highly advised to check these out; there are so many run of the mill samplesets about that finding a collection like this is like striking gold! I'm a HUGE fan af Andrew's work and this set has just confirmed in my mind the mans talent. I can't wait to get back to play with these." Dave O'Mahony

"Another top notch sample pack from Andrew Duke which proves useful for all kinds of production. The samples are original, organic and sit across the spectrum from minimal to heavy. Personally I've never found a sample pack which offers so much variety and complexity while still staying in context. The sheer size of Duke's sample pack makes it an irresistible deal. If you are looking for a large, solid addition to your sample collection Andrew Duke's work is for you. I'm looking forward to new, quality releases from Duke which I would buy in a second." Nick Dundas

"Wow, what a great sample collection! Anyone into minimal and idm or anyone who just wants to add some techy, complex and sometimes plain nasty sounds to their work, this collection is a great pool to draw from. These sounds also work great in live improv jams." Blake Jarrell

"Samples from Andrew Duke are quite the steal. There's A LOT of content in here to pick from and most of it's very usable to me. This pack would be ideal for anyone making IDM/Tech music as Blake mentions but it's good to point out that these sounds would be just as useful to sound designers for film and video games. I've worked on a few different indie projects in the past and sometimes the deadlines are too tight to design all the sounds from scratch. The sounds make for an ideal starting point in these situations when the pressure to deliver quality sounding tracks is on. My critique is that I'd like to see some longer sustained soundscapes here. The ones in this library are loopable but my guess is that Andrew will release a 2nd volume eventually that will fill in the gaps in this one. My other critique is that when working on 'lighter' projects it's hard to find calmer sounds that have a nice musical quality. There are softer tones but you just have to search more for them. The sounds in this library can be quite abrasive at times. In general I think having this sort of edge to the library is great and gives it a unique character. I love the different types of sounds here, and the range of having sounds from the real world vs. the bizarre synthesis techniques that Duke employs. My favourite are the ones that are really staticy and clicky, subdued textures. There's also a nice dose of obnoxious synth effects that will wake you up. The one-shots could be fun to load into a sampler and play them with a keyboard. All in all this library is a fantastic starting point for people looking for a palette of bizarre and far-out sounds to start painting with. With a price this low you can't go wrong. Much respect to Andrew for releasing his gems for us to use." Mr. Tunes