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Andrew Duke has been writing about music since 1981 (starting at age 11 or 12 in Grade Six for his school newspaper--a review of an album by The Police started it all, if memory serves); since then, his writing has appeared internationally in languages including French, German, Italian, Polish, Serbian, and, uh, English. Duke has been a columnist for a variety of magazines including Vice, Weekly Dig, and Streetsound (US), Eve and Tuck Shop (UK), Dalhousie Gazette and Cognition (Canada). He has contributed to a plethora of magazines around the world including Computer Music and Magic Feet (UK), Shout (Italy), Plastik (Poland), XZ (Yugoslavia/Serbia), House of Techno (France), XLR8R, Urb, e/i, Grooves, Igloo, Shovel, Net, Under One Sky, Trip, Hardsync, Fix, Worldly Remains, More Sugar, and Angbase (US), GCFC (Guild of Canadian Film Composers) Spotting Notes, Exclaim, The Coast, Electric Atlantic, Klublife, Velocity, and Profile (Canada), and many others. Below is a small selection of some of Duke's published material. These archives are a work in progress, therefore you may find the odd dead link--to be fixed as time permits. Thanks for reading.

columns (a wide selection from 1997 to 2006)

commentaries: Think Harder / / Songs Vs. Tracks / / The Decline Of The Music Media? / / The Importance Of Innovation / /
Are We Obsessed With DJs?

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