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Andrew Duke--Sit/Stand: Live Humidity (Cognition Audioworks, caw016, 2001)

Andrew Duke--Sit/Stand:  Live Humidity (caw016)


Issued August 2001, Andrew Duke's double live album, Sit/Stand: Live Humidity, charted across Canada (including #1 placings on many stations' RPM/Electronic charts) and reached #26 on CKDU's Top 50 for 2001 and #102 on Exclaim's Top 200 for 2001.

Disc one, Sit, is a listening-oriented live performance recorded July 2001; disc two, Stand, is a dancing-oriented live performance recorded August 2001. The titles are references to commands one might give to Andrew's favorite animal--the dog; the cover model is Oscar's mother, Toni. And why Live Humidity? Well, it was brutally humid the summer these live sets were recorded.