Cognition News (archive B; compiled by Andrew Duke)

Tektite to release 4 track compilation (posted 8 July 98)

Austin, Texas based Tektite follow up Recept's "Design Flaw" with their second release, a four track compilation. "First Array" features exclusive tracks from 4 artists; catalog number is Tite-02.

Various--"First Array" EP (Tektite) tracklisting:

Chris Gray - "Deep Soldiers"
Recept - "Detach"
Stewart S. Walker - "Lost Generation"
Dylan Drazen - "It Hz"

Future releases include EPs from label owner Merrick Brown (Tite-03) and Stewart S. Walker (Tite-04), who's recorded for Sean Deason's Matrix imprint and has upcoming releases scheduled on the British Mosquito and Dan Kurzius' Sidereal (Kurzius is himself a transplanted Texas now based in Atlanta). Tektite #5 is "Second Array", a companion compilation. Release dates are tentative, but Brown says all of these should be out before March 1999.

Out of the Box imprint set to launch (12:43 July 7, 1998)

Boomer "Omegaman" Reynolds has started up a new label called Out of the Box. Promos of the first release, a yet to be titled 4 tracker from Omegaman (with 3 original disco-flavored housers and a Bryan "Barrada" Zentz remix) will be out in 3 weeks and you can expect to see it in stores in about 5. OTB-002 comes from Stephen Cinch: "Back Once Again" follows a similar vein, with 3 originals and Mike Huckaby on the remix. Tim Price, known for his work promoting John Acquaviva and Richie Hawtin's Definitive and Plus 8, will be handling the push.

A record release party will be held September 3 at the Motor lounge in Detroit.

Techno Bass: The Mission tracklisting (15:00 July 3, 1998)

Techno Bass: The Mission (Direct Beat), masterminded by the Burden crew and Tom-Tom of AUX 88 (our featured guest on show #568 of In The Mix), will be released on double EP (July 14) and CD (July 28). Featured is a combination of previously released material (including the classic "My A.U.X. Mind" from 1995) and new material from artists such as Ttrax (with Courtney running new vocals over AUX 88's "Black Planet") and Cronik Tronic featuring Shado (nabbing a bit of RUN DMC's "King Of Rock" for a bass workout). X-ile give a taster (also out on 12"; released June 23) for their forthcoming "Funkodocia" CD/double EP (out in November) and stalwarts Keith Tucker, Will Web, and the Burdens all turn up. Mike Banks jumps in as Electric Soul with some vocoder action. The CD version features a 4 panel color layout that complements the Sean Deason/Lance Burden redesign of the Direct Beat logo. CD (catalog number DBCD-4035) tracklisting:

1. AUX 88--"My A.U.X. Mind"
2. Electric Soul--"X2" (read as "x squared")
3. Cronik Tronic featuring Shado--"King Of Bass"
4. X-ile--"R U Ready"
5. DJ K-1--"Metaphysica"
6. Di'jital--"Automatic Activity"
7. Ttrax featuring Courtney--"Weekend"
8. Cirkit--"(It's) Retroactive"
9. Alien FM--"Nightmare"
10. Posatronix--"Shake It"
11. Will Web--"Spacewalk"
12. Microknox--"Transmission"

Look for AUX 88's "Xeo-Genetic" full length in August.

Juan Atkins update (13:00 July 3, 1998)

In an interview today, Juan Atkins discussed his forthcoming releases:

Juan Atkins--"Wax Trax! Mastermix Volume One" CD out in late July on TVT (don't be surprised if this date is pushed back if problems arise with the remaining needed clearances); there were a couple of things that didn't get cleared that he wanted on there, but overall he's happy with the mix

Model 500--"Mind And Body" album on R & S will be out in September; Atkins doesn't know if Sony will be doing anything with it in North America; Rob Hood and Mike Banks contribute to this release

Infiniti--"Skynet" album on BML (Brooklyn Music Limited) out in the fall; month not yet confirmed; Terrence Dixon contributes to this release

In the interview, he mentioned working with some new artists on forthcoming Metroplex releases, and discussed, among other things, Kraftwerk past and present, and house, techno, and electro. This interview will air on In The Mix (show #571).

UR presents Interstellar Fugitives update (12:19 July 3, 1998)

UR's information officer confirmed this morning that the forthcoming "Interstellar Fugitives" release includes material from James Pennington (The Suburban Knight), DJ Rolando (The Aztec Mystic), Drexciya, and new UR artists Perception and Agent Chaos. It is expected more Submerge-related artists, including Andre Holland, are involved with this 12 track 3 X LP/15 track CD of completely new material. As expected, though, the spokesperson remains tightlipped. An interview with James Pennington is being planned for a future In The Mix show.

Popkomm '98 schedule announced (18:32 July 2, 1998)

Disko B, International Deejay Gigolos, Kurbel, and Go Records present the Popkomm '98 party at Rhenania on August 15. Here's the lineup:

Bayenstr. 28 (Rheinauhafen) - 11PM start

DJ Patrick Pulsinger (Vienna) Disko B/Cheap
DJ Hans Platzgumer (Munich) Disko B
out now: "Fingerfood" DB66 CD/2 X EP
DJ Upstart (Munich) Disko B
DJ Jill Mingo (Mingo PR/Glasgow)
Richard Bartz live (Munich) Disko B/Kurbel
out late August: DB73 "Evolution Revolution" 12"
Festival live (Braunscheweig) Disko B
out late July: "Festival" DB 67 CD/2 X LP
DJ Savas Pascalidis (Stuttgart) Kurbel
DJ Naughty (Ulm) Gigolo/Ferox
coming soon: GIG15 "G3" EP
DJ Miss Kittin (Geneva) Gigoletta
Chris Korda live (Boston) Gigolo
coming soon: GIG14 "Sex Is Good" 12"
Miss Kittin & The Hacker live Gigoletta/Gigolo Geneva/Grenoble
Dynamic Bass System live (Munich) Gigolo
Chicks On Speed live (Munich) Go
K Lakizz live (Cologne) Gigoletta
DJ Benno Blome (Cologne) Atemlos

Innerzone Orchestra tour dates (15:15 June 30, 1998)

Carl Craig is gearing up to take his Innerzone Orchestra "electronic jazz" trio on the road again. Craig is joined in the group by fellow Detroiter Francisco Mora--a percussionist/composer/ arranger/teacher/producer who was a member of Sun Ra's Arkestra band--and Craig Taborn, who has worked with noted musicians such as the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Lester Bowie, and Dave Holland.

Planet E's press officer, Hannah Sawtell, provides the details: "The Innerzone Orchestra is a truly original and inspirational band, a live session that comes freely and truly from the heart. Like minded individuals, who have witnessed the show, often remark of their miracle- like experience. Such can be witnessed during this summer’s festival season, which heralds the return of the Innerzone Orchestra band. The Orchestra’s 1998 live show will have new exclusive tracks from their upcoming album that is going to shock the world... The show will be quite different to last year, ever passionate fans are eagerly awaiting the new music that Carl Craig will bring to life with the help of outstanding jazz musicians Craig Tabourn and Fransico Mora. Festival goers will see the beginning of an alliance that will conceive some of the most astounding sounds heard in recent years. The live show is a performance of sheer power, proving individuality, a perfect prelude for the upcoming album and another showcase of Craig’s unsurpassed talent in pushing new and original electronic music. At this very time, the festival season is ripe for another Craig/Innerzone Orchestra innovation and invention; with the emphasis placed on the originality of sound creation, that is certainly what is in store for all."

Catch the tour in your area in July and August:
Vienna Jazz Festival July 2
Holland's North Sea Jazz Festival July 10
Scotland's T in the Park July 11
Zurich's Street Parade August 7
Detroit's Science Center August 22

Dates are planned for Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, and San Francisco at the end of July. After the album is released, the Orchestra will do a full worldwide tour. Innerzone Orchestra's "Programmed" full length will be out in the fall.

Eighth Dimension news (2:38 June 30, 1998)

Q-Burns Abstract Message has finished his "Feng Shui" LP. Should be out on Astralwerks in the early Fall. Qube journeyed to Reyjavik, Iceland in June to complete two tracks with Gus Gus' Daniel August on vocals, one of which is a cover of Faust's "Jennifer". His "Ouevre", a collection of hard to find vinyl only pieces, is out now in North America and in July in the UK. As M. De Sha, he's busy recording some deep house material. Tour wise, you can catch Q-Burns in San Francisco on July 3 at Nikita (1015 Folsom), July 6 in LA for the Monday Social At Louis XIV, and in Chicago the next day. More US dates announced soon.

"Private Leftfield Downtempo Fuzz" is the name of the new album from Pimp Daddy Nash and, hell, it's so damn funky we had him call from Orlando just to do a live phoner on In The Mix a few months back (the day after the LP came out, actually). This man loves his music. Eclectic is the word you'll hear associated most often with this gentleman.

In other related news, DJ BMF and Dynagroove are in the studio working on their albums. BMF is getting the funk on with a number of guest vocalists and musicians, while Dynagroove is keeping it chilly.

Second Skin's latest (11:38 June 29, 1998)

Dogs Deluxe preceed their 13 track selftitled album (scheduled for a July 27 release) with the "Wrecking Ball" EP; it's out two weeks prior with a remix from Professor Stretch. The fall will see releases from Grand Unified, Dogs Deluxe, and King Kooba, plus the "Skinfull Vol 2" compilation featuring the likes of Hidden Agenda, Profound Noize, Klute, Ronnie & Clyde, Professor Stretch, and Jaydell.

Second Skin holds their Substatic night at The Bug Bar in Brixton on the last Friday of every month. Professor Stretch is confirmed for July 31. Their next night at the The DNA Bar (Dean St Soho London) will be July 3 (with DJs Shuff and Rolo) and continue on the first Friday of the month. The night is being shared on rotation with the Filter, Outcaste, and Nuphonic labels.

Organised Noise to release ON-SIX (14:35 June 23, 1998)

Jon Williams, owner of San Francisco based Organised Noise, announced this afternoon details on the forthcoming ON-SIX release. Tentatively titled "OCTET" (in reference to 8 artists producing a track each for a total of 8 tracks), it has just been mastered by the reputable Nilz at The Exchange, the UK company with its tag on plenty of quality pressings. Williams is confident this "document of California techno is our best yet". Williams will be mixing up anywhere from 12 to 20 tracks from the ON catalog for a mixed CD compilation, now scheduled for a September release with a full preview to air in advance of release on In The Mix. As mentioned in the July Techno/Electro Report, ON-SIX features John Tejada, User, Twerk, Lucas Rodenbush(Solid Trax), Chris Jackson (Resource), Kenneth Graham (Controlteam), Kit Clayton, and Markus Miller (both Cytrax).

Sunburn Recordings first vinyl of '98 (10:26 June 23, 1998)

The first vinyl release of 1998 for California's Sunburn label is the "Erections From Namaqaudisco Vol 3" 12" from Gavin Hardkiss' Hawke, scheduled for a July 14 streetdate with remixes from The Infinite Posse and Hawke. The Infinite Posse release their "A Stereo Couple" debut full length on CD a week later. Look for the forthcoming 12" singles from the album, "Funk Da" and "Blue".

Serotonin seeks submissions for third Loops compilation (15:03 June 20, 1998)

Jason Szostek and John Selway's Serotonin Records are collecting material for a third Loops compilation for a fall release. Well-known and new artists and producers will be featured. Contributions are welcomed.

Here's the lowdown according to Selway: "Rhythmic loops at 4/4 must be at 133.333 bpm (it's ok if the resolution of your clock doesn't go 3 decimals, 133 is fine). It is possible to work out other tempos and time signatures. For example, 7/8 is 233.333 bpm. Another way to look at it is the measure must be no longer than 1.27 seconds, so whatever you do that fits within that length will loop. Please record loops on DAT, CD or MD. If you absolutely have no access to digital media, then a cassette is ok, just try and get the cleanest and clearest recording you can. Let each loop run for aprox. 30 seconds. We expect many submissions, so please don't make too many loops. 2-3 is best, up to 5 is ok. Pick your best. This time we aren't accepting loops with steady 4/4 kick drums, rhythms should be funky, syncopated, experimental. Dancefloor loops should be in the electro and funk direction. Non-rhythmic loops, sound effects, vocal samples, anything you want, the freakier the better. Just no boom boom boom boom. Our original deadline for the new loops was the end of July, but things are running a bit slower than expected so there is more time."

Send material and contact info to:
Serotonin Records
PO Box 510
Prince St Station
New York NY 10012

Planet E's Common Factor has them in a tizzy (20:14 June 16, 1998)

Carl Craig has been jetting between Detroit and Europe quite a bit of late, with touring underway for the one-man Paperclip People show and planning for Innerzone Orchestra gigs (details to be announced soon), but it's Common Factor that seems to be driving everyone wild.

Common Factor's selftitled EP is getting critical acclaim in the press and with DJs--even the New York house crew is getting in on this platter of house and techno. "Roger S just sent us this fax", Planet E's Hannah Sawtell says, "with 'HORIZONS IS THE SHIT !!!!!!'" ("Horizons" is a track on the CF release). Craig is set to release the Innerzone Orchestra album in the fall. What of it? "It's going to cause much confusion," Sawtell explains, "as it is totally mad, it is all live musicians and definitely nothing like anything he has done before. It's definitely more--dare I say-- 'jazz based', but more out of this world than even the craziest stuff from the late 60's - 70's. It is future music in Carl's own tradition; as usual he has pushed things as far as he can... Carl is doing what he wants and not giving a fuck what anyone says."

Upcoming Planet E releases:
Common Factor--"Common Factor" EP PE65238 out next week
Moodymann--"Sunday Morning (remix)/Track Four" 12" PE65239 out next month
Paperclip People--"For My Peepz" 12" PE65240 release date TBA (a few tests of this release are floating around; Carl Craig wasn't happy with the way this release sounded after playing this out at this year's Winter Music Conference, so it will be remastered before it sees a commercial release)
E Dancer--"Heavenly" CD/LP PE65241 out July 28
Telex--"Mosko Disko (remixes)" 12" PE65242 out August
Innerzone Orchestra--"Programmed" CD/LP PE65243 release date TBA

Planet E's new website is still under construction, but you can check it at

Juan Atkins "Wax Trax! Mastermix" tracklisting (12:37 June 16, 1998)

According to Adam Shore at TVT, here's what's been cleared to appear on Juan Atkins' "Wax Trax! Mastermix Volume One" CD:

1. B.J. Robson--"Lara's Theme" (Paper)
2. Belizbeha--"Inhibitions" (Belizbeha Music)
3. Blaze--"Another Day" (Slip 'N' Slide)
4. Chari Vari--"Chari Vari" (Quality)
5. DJ Assault--"Sex On The Beach" (Electro Funk)
6. Infiniti--"Body Oil" (Metroplex) [exclusive]
7. Infiniti--"Game One" (Metroplex)
8. Infiniti--"Skyway" (Metroplex) [exclusive]
9. Martin Circus--"Disco Circus" (Prelude)
10. Maurizio--"M7"(Basic Channel)
11. Model 500--"No UFOs" (Metroplex)
12. Model 500--"Psychosomatic" (Metroplex)
13. Model 500--"Starlight" (Metroplex)
14. Mr. Oizo--"Klum" (F Communications)
15. Pacou--"Their Voices" (Tresor)
16. Rick Wade--"Prime Time" (Harmonie Park)
17. Ridis--"Triangle" (Basic Channel)
18. Rob Hood--"M-P 306" (M-Plant)
19. Rythim Is Rythim--"Nude Photo" (Transmat)
20. Sean Deason--"Convextion" (Matrix)
21. Walt J--"Reborn" (Dow)

Juan Atkins is our featured guest on an upcoming edition of In The Mix.

Paper Recordings news (16:12 June 15, 1998)

Crazy Penis are busying themselves in Wales readying their 1998 debut LP while their "Baby We For Real" does the business. Eddie Flashin' Fowlkes has been remixed by Rae & Christian. Lionrock's Justin Robertson and Roger Lyons have teamed up as Gentleman Thief for the "Havana Twilight" EP. Late July will see the release of New Punk Theory's "Just A Phase", and projects from Solaris Heights and Dirty Jesus' Erik Rug and Marc Collin are on the horizon.

Those who want to catch the Paper boys throwin' down the funk can do so at the following locations on these dates:
Ben Davis at Coconut Joes in Havana, Cuba on June 19
Crazy Penis, Jason Boardman, Ben Davis, and Miles Hollway at Machester's Cyberia on July 4
Davis and Elliot Eastwick at Beats Workin' in Brighton on July 11 In addition, The Rugster will be touring New Zealand and Australia in July.

Slam and Soma update (13:59 June 15, 1998)

Slam have some special guest DJs lined up for Uncut, their new Friday night club: Catch Felix Da Housecat June 26, Chicago's Gene Farris on July 10, and August 21 Andrew Weatherall joins the party. Hop on the Renfrew Ferry and join Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle for their annual trio of summer Slams on June 27, July 25, and August 29. Soma release schedule includes yet another new Slam monniker (Counter Plan; includes a DJ Q remix), some jazzy house from McMillan along with Nick Peacock and Glen Gibbons (recording as Universal Principles), Funk D'Void (with an Envoy rework), and house in a funky vein from Silicone Soul's 2nd Soma release. The details:

Counter Plan--"90 degrees" EP (Soma 67) out today
Universal Principles--"Inspirational Breaks" 12" (Soma 68) out July 20
Funk D'Void--"Lucky Strike '98" 12"(Soma 69) out August 3
Silicone Soul--"All Night Long" EP (Soma 70) out August 17
Scott Grooves Feat Parliament/Funkadelic--"Mothership Reconnection (remixed by Slam, Daft Punk, and Moodymann)" (Soma 71) out September 7
Gene Farris--"Mainline Disco" EP (Soma 72) out September 21 New albums planned for the fall include Envoy ("Where There's Life"), "Pressure" from Pressure Funk (aka the funky Slam), and Chaser's "Sleazy Listening".

UR presents Interstellar Fugitives confirmations (11:45 June 15, 1998)

Mike Banks confirmed this morning that the forthcoming Interstellar Fugitives release features 12 songs on vinyl, 15 on the CD version--and it's all new material. Promotional posters and postcards show eight members of the Submerge-related crew are involved, but only DJ Rolando and James Pennington (The Suburban Knight) have been confirmed by Banks. Release date is scheduled for mid to late July. Plans are being made to interview DJ Rolando and/or James Pennington on a future In The Mix.

Imperial Dub Recordings to unveil clear limited vinyl 12" (12:56 June 15, 1998)

Dubtribe Sound System release the limited edition, onesided clear vinyl "Unloveable" 12" (IDR010) on June 29. Look for Canton, Ohio's Hesohi to hit in July with the "Chocalatafro" EP.

Ubiquity update (9:14 June 15, 1998)

CuBop releases the latin jazz vibes of LA's Johnny Blas' "Mambo 2000" on August 11. Included is a cover of Peunte's "Picadillo". Out on September 8 is the Skyjuice "The Other Side/Anonymous" 12" on Ubiquity. "The Other Side" features MC Phluid from the Bay locale and a remix from Hive. This is flipped by what's being described as electro a la Fila Brazilia or Jedi Knights. Sounds tasty.

Andrew Weatherall to play Montreal and Toronto (16:49 June 12, 1998)

Hello Canada! London's Andrew Weatherall (Emissions Audio Output) is set to tear it up on the twin tables at Montreal's Isart Gallery on August 14 and Toronto's Speed the next day.

X-ile recording "Funkodocia" LP for Detroit's 430 West (20:20 June 10, 1998)

One of the new groups Aux 88's Tom Tom has been working with in the recording studio is X-ile, a new female electro/techno bass duo from Detroit who also perform as dancers in the Aux 88 live act. Tom Tom relates how the group came together in a time when women electro crews are not prevalent:

"One of the members, Marnita Harris, was working for Aux at the studio as a secretary. She's done a couple of vocal tracks on "Man Or Machine". We hear her on the beginning sequence--"Hello, my name is X-ile", that's her. She does some other things like "The Countdown", so she's been doing the music and she's been around us a lot. And this one day, we was in the studio and she was just playing on the drum machine, and I was like, 'Wow, did you do that?' And she was like, 'Yeah, sure I did.' We met up with the other member of the group, Latoya Vaughn, when we started a dance squad for the live performance [of Aux 88]. After doing shows and shows, they've just really started picking up the instruments and playing a little stuff. So I just decided, 'Hey, this might be time to do something a little different, start an all girls group.' So, they was really down with it, and here we are." They're currently in the studio working on their "Funkodocia" full length for Direct Beat. "They're incredible," Tom Tom says, "they progress really fast. If you show them something, then it's done."

So, it's not a case of in other parts of the music industry where you've got men doing almost all of the work and then it's like, "hey, we should get a female face on there"? They are actually a group and you're just producing, it's not a case of Tom Tom is doing it all and they're just fronting the project? "No, no, " Tom Tom chuckles, "it's not." What kind of vibe do we expect from that album? A lot of bass music is very sex-oriented. Are they going to be recording in that style or is it going to be more of the "Machine" type of lyrics? "It's a cross between the two actually. It's kind of sexual, but not explicit. It's more seductive, sexy."

X-ile's as-yet-untitled EP follow-up to their debut Direct Beat single, "R U Ready", will be released in November. The "Funkodocia" album is tentatively scheduled for February.

Lowdown to release new Pellucid material (15:15 June 10, 1998)

Vancouver's Lowdown has a new 12" from Pellucid (Arlo Renwick) set for a late July release and an AIDS benefit called "Dance From Outerspace", with music from Jon Morley and Catalyst Sound plus choreographed dancers, which Thomas Hicks promises will be "weird and wonderful".

Inner City to release Spanish version of "Good Life" classic (11:30 June 9, 1998)

Detroit's Planet E releases "Heavenly", the long awaited album from Kevin Saunderson's E- Dancer, July 28. Kenny Larkin, Carl Craig, Juan Atkins , and D-Wynn have remixed the classics, plus there's 5 new songs. The E-Dancer live tour starts in mid-June and plans to hit North American shores after an extensive European jaunt. Inner City fans take note: despite the litigation that has kept the completed IC LP in the MIA file, Saunderson and Paris Grey have not been soured on future releases together. "We've worked on several songs," Saunderson explains. "We've rerecorded ‘Big Fun' and ‘Good Life' is being done in Spanish. All of the vocal is done, some of the music is done, and I'm starting to get different people to do mixes, so it is coming. It's going to be a shocker once it's completely finished and comes out." But is this just a one off thing or are they back in it for the long haul? "We don't know if we're working toward an album. But we know what we are doing--we're trying to be creative and work without dealing with the pressure from a label or anybody telling us what to do. We're kind of doing our own thing, which is how we started." Check the forthcoming Saunderson feature on In The Mix (show #570) for the full verbal lowdown.

SoulShine announces new release schedule and sublabel (16:41 May 22, 1998)

Miami's SoulShine have just 3 releases in their catalog, but critical acclaim in the press, DJ returns, and on the dancefloor bode well for this new garage imprint. Soon come is the Playitloud hardhouse sublabel.

Here's what's planned for the label in the second half of 1998:

Elements of Soul featuring Richard Rogers--"Come With Me" 2 X 12" (SS-004) out July 20
Mixes by Terry Hunter, Jay J. Hernandez and Georgie Porgie
Andricka Hall--"I'll Give You Love" 12" (SS-005) out July 15
Mixes by Louis Benedetti, Lenny Fontana, Jazz-n-Groove (Brian Tappert & Mark Pomeroy)
Deep Swing presents Xavior--"Shelter" 12" (SS-006) out September 7
Mixes TBA
Clay Acox--"Searching" 2 X 12" (SS-007) out October 5
Mixes by Jay-J Hernandez and Louis Benedetti

Dave Clarke gets a third dog and a new car (13:00 May 22, 1998)

Horsham's Dave Clarke continues his hectic DJ schedule while facing the barrage of interviews that have accompanied the release of his "Electro Boogie Vol 2" mix on Stud!o K7. Thinking it would be a great time to suss out the rumors on the follow up to his "Archive one" album (i.e. Where the hell is it?), this intrepid reporter called the man himself and got right to the point:
Is your new album done? "No."
So you're still working on it? "Ish (laughs)."
Ish? "Ish."
C'mon, give me the scoop. "No, I can't, sorry. I'm not turning into Derrick May, though, and only releasing an album once every ten years, but things are changing a little bit."
With the sounds of Tek and Devo barking in the background, Clarke did dish two bits of exclusive news: he's got a new dog, a boxer. "It's called Bang. You know, Bang The Boxer." And who said this guy has no sense of humor? His new vehicle is an MG-F two seater convertible which he's souped up and supercharged to aid in a planned pummelling of Steve Stoll and Damon Wild on the paved oval. Clarke interview in full (with more serious issues discussed) will air on a future In The Mix (show #569).

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