Weekly Dig (Boston MA USA) July 1999

Andrew Duke and his Cognition website (techno.ca/cognition), featuring the show Andrew Duke's In The Mix, offer a highly informative and entertaining source for hearing and learning about the latest in electronic music before it even gets released to the consumer audience.

In September 1987, Duke moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada to study journalism at King's College. "The first thing I did when I got to Halifax was to go to CKDU," he says, where he's been doing the show weekly ever since. "The funny thing is, I spent so much time at the radio station [the first year he did a 6 hour show and a one hour show each week] and at the college newspaper--writing about music, of course--and DJing and record hunting that they booted me out of university as I was never in class!"

Duke, like most others involved with electronic music, got involved to promote the music to as many people as possible. "I grew up in a small town and could only listen to AM radio (which was horrible); when I discovered this new electronic music (through CBC national radio's Brave New Waves and a friend that was a year older who had gone to CKDU the year before me and brought back a tape), I had to explore it more and share what I found."

The show itself airs weekly. "I do the live radio show every Tuesday from 10:30am to Noon AST on CKDU, and you can hear it live in RealAudio via the station's website (ckdu.dal.ca). The syndicated show is also done weekly. Sometimes I'll do a live interview on the live radio show and tape it to use on the syndicated show. Sometimes I'll tape an interview on the phone at home and play it on the live show. So the live show and the syndicated show are similar, but they're not exactly the same."

When asked about the styles of music featured on the show, Duke says, "I play what I consider good electronic music, whether that be house, techno, electro, or IDM. I like hip hop, drum n bass, jazz, lots of other styles of music, but I stick to house, techno, electro, and IDM on the show and when I'm DJing simply because there's not enough time to play everything! On the live show, I like to have local DJs come in during the first part of the show to play live and I also have out of town people who are in town come in. Abacus has played live on the show, Nigel Hayes (from Chaser and Charley Brown on Soma and Guidance) has been in, DJ Cosmo from New York, lots of people over the years. I've also done a lot of live interviews on the show--over the phone and in person--that don't get on the syndicated show simply because there's often not enough time. I also play new music on the show and some classics here and there.

"The syndicated show is the same format, but it's not live, it's produced at home and then FTPed online. The first 30 minutes is the performance portion with an international guest DJ or live performer, then a 30 minute artist feature where I do an interview and play that artist's music, and then 60 minutes where I play new music and a few classics. The live radio show is 90 minutes weekly, but the syndicated show is 2 hours."

Besides running the show, Duke has interviewed some of the leading members of the electronic music community; he has been writing about music since 1981. Among these interviews conducted that are available on the site are Cristian Vogel, Jamie Lidell, Joshua Kit Clayton and John Mendez, John Tejada, Pole, Neil Landstrumm, Innerzone Orchestra, Kevin Saunderson, Dave Clarke, Octave One, Aux 88, Chris Brann from the Wamdue Kids, Mike Dunn, Byron Stingily, and Voiteck Andersen. Many others will be coming shortly. The complete list, including those interviewed on the show, can be found archived on the Cognition website (techno.ca/cognition) The radio show plays on CKDU 97.5 FM in Halifax (ckdu.dal.ca); the syndicated show plays and is archived on the Cognition site as well as being broadcast on 20 other websites. The syndicated show also plays on the radio on two stations in Poland and, until the NATO bombings started and the station was shut down, on Radio B92 in Belgrade, a station which won an award last year from MTV Europe for its dedication to radio broadcasting. Starting in July, the show will be broadcast by Evosonic Radio in Germany, reaching about 5 million listeners weekly through satellite throughout the UK, Germany, and Europe. When the show goes cable, it will reach an additional 30 million homes.

"I am lucky to be sent a lot of promos, exclusives, unreleased recordings, demos, material for premiere, etc, and I really appreciate that as it exposes me to a lot of material I would not have heard otherwise and allows me to use my channels to help expose this music through my writing, the live show, the syndicated show, and the website."

For more information about Cognition and Andrew Duke's In The Mix, visit the website on techno.ca/cognition or email Andrew Duke on cognition@techno.ca

[feature written by Craig Kapilow]

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