The Coast (Halifax NS Canada) August 19, 1999

"I've been told that I pretty much have the niche covered," says Andrew Duke. The Halifax DJ and musician has perfected his particular mix of house, techno, electro, and IDM over the course of 12 years, producing and hosting his radio show, Andrew Duke's In The Mix, plus recording, producing, and remixing, since 1987.

"As soon as I got to Halifax, I spent so much time at CKDU and writing for the Dalhousie Gazette that I got booted out of the [King's] journalism program." These days, Duke's show is broadcast to millions of potential listeners weekly on 22 websites, radio in Belgrade (on B92, until NATO bombing incited Yugoslavian authorities to seize the station) and satellite from Germany to most of Europe via Evosonic Radio. Very soon the show will be broadcasting over cable to 30 million German households.

"I've always tried to have a personal relationship with the artists whose music I play on the show," says Duke. "But I can't afford to send a tape every time someone wants to hear it." Puttting the show on the Internet was originally a way of letting that extended family of artists around the world check in. It quickly evolved into the show's primary platform and, in turn, to other syndication opportunities.

Duke's home base is the Cognition website ( Besides maintaining the site, Duke is operating his Cognition Audioworks label, continuing with music journalism, and writing his own music, some of which he is set to perform at this October's Halifax Experimental Music Festival. Until then, you can catch Duke DJing live at this Friday's (August 20) Swirl party at the Pavillion with Zoo, Charife, and Elemental. Advance tickets are at Revolution, no door tickets will be sold.

[taken from James Covey's Halifax On Record column]

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