Tresor/DM/CD Germany's Rok (Jurgen Rokitta) has been drafted by Tresor for Sturm Und Drang, the third volume in their Global mix series, and throws down a smoking 21 track mix in just under an hour. A mathematician would tell you that's approximately one track every 3 minutes; the trainspotter would tell you that ain't no big deal. But Rok tears in with Shake's "Foundry" from last year's recent NSC comp and throws a new track into his dual turntable path every minute or two--literally--and plain doesn't let up until he hits the end where he allows Kevin Saunderson's "Inside Out" (from his Reese guise) and finally E-Dancer (that KMS guy again)'s "Heavenly" to play out almost in full to finish the disc. In between Rok tosses in snatches of his own material, work he's done with Disko and Jonzon, tracky Chitown house from the likes of Paul Johnson and DJ Funk, yet more Shake, and plenty of material from fellow countrymen Hell, Heckmann, and others. It's fluid, but Rok isn't content to fuss about with attempting perfection like many mix CDs--where computer editing tricks seem to play a big part in the result; he goes at it like a DJ rocking the Tresor club at peak hour: fast, furious, giving a track here a minute in the mix, another barely 30 seconds. Well recommended if you'd like to hear a true disc jock showing how it's done; and the quality material on offer in the mix doesn't hurt, either. --Andrew Duke

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