United DJs of America/UK-US/CD
Volume 12 of the United DJs of America's mix series is ably handled by the Murk Boys. Now better known for their recent material after releasing two albums on Twisted Records as Funky Green Dogs, Ralph Falcon and Oscar Gaetan show they're not too shabby on the 1's and 2's either. Simple math dictates a 75 minute mix CD with 15 tracks could easily be a one-track-every-five-minutes borefest, but Falcon and Gaeten know it's not about what you play, but how you play it. And they work these tracks in fine style. Yes, there's a few smash hits on here like Peter Heller's "Big Love", but Murk get down and push the track for all its worth, pulling it out to the ten minute plus mark with double copies, layering the acapella from Eric Morillo's mix over the intro and extro with mastery. Some cuts ride in the mix for a few minutes (no others as long as the Heller cut, though), while others dart in and out of the journey with deft flicks of the crossfader. From deep, tribal tracks like Onionz & Master D's "Infatuation" (on Imperial Dub) to big room fare like So Pure's "Changes" through to full vocal pieces from artists such as Kings Of Tomorrow, Murk's "Miami Vice" mix is bang on. Andrew Duke

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