House Report for October 1997 (compiled September 1, 1997)
by Andrew Duke

Disco, despite what some might say, is still alive and doing quite well, thank you. Check out the music of Terrence Parker, for example. Whether he's grabbing a Parliament rhythm for some downtempo funking or upping the BPM for a new look at the old school, TP knows that disco is funk, but with a steady kick in the ass for some added groove. Out now is "Detroit After Dark", his second full length on Berlin's !K7, and a Minimum Wage Brothers twelve on his own imprint. Parker gives Andre Johnson and DJ Slym Fas a side each on the "Contact High" EP to show their skills on the downlow.

Eric Rug teams up with Marc Collin as Dirty Jesus for some deep gear complete with a sweet Salt City mix, and Marc Pompeo makes his Definitive debut. What's it called? Why, "Disco Night", of course. Etienne De Crecy compiles his 10" conceptual project--where artists worked incognito and recorded songs with titles related to shopping--on the "Super Discount" doublepack [Different/London] for some disco with Parisian filters on.

If you missed out on the original disco funk grooves the first time around, the British Disorient's "Spaced Out" volume will transport you back to the days when Larry Levan reigned over the Paradise Garage and Frankie Knuckles kept the vibe flowing at The Warehouse. Dinosaur L's "Go Bang!" and the nine others here will make you smile. From that release, Masters Vega and Gonzalez work their magic on Atmosfear's "Dancing In Outer Space", while Harvey and The Underdog give the Disco Dub Band's "For The Love Of Money" a new face fresh for '97. Francois Kevorkian is still keepin' on, this time he's provided a sturdy fixup on newcomers Mulu. Gladly, his mix is nothing like the original.

Aside from the throbbing sequencers of Giorgio Moroder's work with Donna Summer, it was the live aspect of disco that appealed. Faze Action have been doing their best to bring a real sense of musicianship back to house music. Check their full length for new takes on the sound; tasty bass, percussion, and strings makes this perfect for playing out or chilling in. If you like that, you'll be into the limited teasers for the coming project featuring reworks of Kevin McKay's Muzique Tropique material. 2 Lone Swordsmen, 16B, Austin "Abacus" Bascom, the DIY crew, Swag and others lend a tweak. Among those others is the House Of 909 collective; this bunch has built their reputation on a blend of bottomless house and techno and now mix up their classics on the "Soul Rebels" compilation for Pagan America.

In the hard, tracky department, grab release number 33 with the Acacia logo, go for the Phillip Damien dubs on Joi Cardwell's "Run To You" [Eightball/New York], and flip the third in the DJ tools series from the Sharp Boys to find the two cuts with some teeth. Giving this speed garage thing a run for it's money is the Kingpin label, helmed by Sarah Truelove and Paul Roberts (K-Klass). Hiphouse is back and this time there's no lame rapping. Bosco D'Olivera and Oli Albergaria Savill (aka Arakatuba) pair with Boxsaga for some zesty batacuda grooves that follow the excellent "Brazilian Explosion" sampler from last year.

Tim "Love" Lee, Mr Tummy Touch, goes domestic with the help of San Francisco's Three-Sixty and Silent on his "Confessions Of A Selector" double album. Kenny Dixon Jr is out to prove there's much more to the seventh city than techno. As Moodymann, "A Silent Introduction" is two solid slabs of disco, funk, soul, and house. The Mann is militant about his love for music. "If the shit becomes a job for me, I'm doing it for the wrong reasons, you dig" is one of the more tamer statements he makes, though these monologues are woven with the music and it comes off like someone miked up a hyped party. Buy two copies.

Top 10

1. Moodymann--"A Silent Introduction" 2 X LP [Planet E/Detroit]
2. Arakatuba + Boxsaga--"On The Bench" 12" [Mr Bongo/London]
3. Minimum Wage Brothers--"When 2 Agree (remixes)" 12" [Intangible/Detroit]
4. K Hand--"Project 5" EP [Acacia/Detroit]
5. Dirty Jesus--"Don't Fuck With My Shit (remixes)" 12" [Paper/London]
6. Soundscapers--"Soundscapin' Part 2" 12" [Kingpin/London]
7. The M Pompeo Project--"Disco Nite" 12" [Definitive/London]
8. Muzique Tropique--"4 AM (remixes)" 12" [Glasgow Underground/Glasgow]
9. Mulu--"Pussycat (Francois Kevorkian mixes)" 12" [Dedicated/London]
10. Faze Action--"Plans & Designs" 2 X LP [Nuphonic/London]

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