Cognition's October 1999 Electronics Report and Chart
by Andrew Duke

We’ll start off this month with a look at some of the new and upcoming releases that are melding the organic with the electronic. Germany’s Beanfield (Jan Krause, Tobias Meggle, and Compost head honcho Michael Reinboth) and American artist T-Cisco have superb albums on the way that move fluidly through warm hip hop, zesty latin percussion, a bit of soul, and plenty more. Grab Human Patterns from the former and The Destructive Edit (US Ubiquity) from the latter and you’ll be super glad you did. The latest single from “Game On!”, the stunning full length from Chaser (Lars “Funk D’Void” Sandberg and Nigel Hayes) is “Blue Planet”, remixed with much care by Maas, Fila Brazillia, and Toronto’s Abacus. Speaking of Canadians, The New Deal (This Is Live is out now through Mo Funk) are an improvisational bass/keys/drums trio making a deserved splash on the live party circuit. From New York, Ripple Effect is a currently unsigned duo whose Noise From The Fallen World warrants a proper release (make contact on The latest on Ntone (a sister label to Ninja Tune) is Animals On Wheels’ Nuvol I Cadira, an album where the formerly manic AOW takes a slowpill and comes up with some quality melodic downtempo. A bit edgier, but equally worth investigating is the latest on the British Leaf: Faultline’s Closer Colder package. And on Detroit’s Planet E, Recloose plays with house tempos and more measured musings with invigorating results on the “Spelunking” EP.

Moving next into the more electronic/less organic vein, we find some Rotten Apple electro doing big things. Available through Serotonin is the Regenerate compilation featuring Selway, Solvent, Le Car, Si Begg, Third Electric, and 3 more funksters, and soon come from Brooklyn’s Spelunk is the “Life-Like” 3-tracker. The “Voices In My Lunch Box Vol. 2” EP is the latest bit of brilliance from California’s Plug Research, whereas similar ingenuity from Austria can be found on the “Muros Transparentes” remixes set. The UK’s Rephlex keep coming hot and heavy with the new music; this time there’s full lengths from Lektrogirl (I Love My Computer) and the Lactavent LP from Ovuca with an electro track or two, a bit of IDM, and some downright electronic tomfoolery. On Sprawl, Osymyso combines a Monty Python sense of humor with hipswaying beats on Welcome To The Pailindrome; everything from spoken word records to dog food TV advertisements get chopped up with the rhythms and it’s damn fun. Straight up drum n bass is the sound of Future Tech/Drumsound’s “Future Tech”/”Target Practice” split on the Technique label, while Hrvatski’s Oiseaux 96-98 on the American Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge imprint is a dazzling homage to The Winston Brother’s now-ubiquitous “Amen” break (plus a Pink Floyd cover) that almost didn’t get a release; lucky for us it did. Another US imprint doing wonderful things is OMCO; their newest is a shared 12” between CNS Engineering and Monkey + 1. And if there were an award for the “most frenetic release”, October’s winner would surely be Datach’i. Forthcoming on Caipirinha, 10110101 (Rec + Play) is 13 tracks of going-off-the-rails madness, shot through with generous dollops of distortion and plenty of the rhythmic dexterity and aplomb we’ve come to expect from this forward-thinking label.

Finishing off with music aimed more for the thinker than the dancer, 0/r’s selftitled release on New York’s 12k--minimal computer music with unique packaging from Dan Abrams--is a collaboration between Japan’s Nosei Sakata and Richard Chartier from the States. Germany’s Mille Plateaux has music exploring this process from Raster Music’s Frank Bretschneider (Rand) and Hosomi Sakana’s Neina (Formed Verse). Also on the same imprint, but involving a more traditional musical instrument than the PC, Republicas Rubato (Piano Interpretations Of Gary Numan) has Terre Thaemlitz examining his former teenage fascination with the Brit in detail, accompanied by an in depth essay investigating the sexual threads in Numan’s material.

Cognition Electronics Top 30

1. Chromatix—“Life-Like” EP (US Spelunk test)
2. Chaser—“Blue Planet” (remixes) 2 X EP (UK Soma test)
3. Ovuca—Lactavent (UK Rephlex)
4. Faultline—Closer Colder (UK Leaf promo)
5. Beanfield—Human Patterns (DM Compost)
6. Datachi’I—10110101 (Rec + Play) (US Caipirinha promo)
7. Animals On Wheels—Nuvol I Cadira (CAN/UK Ntone/Ninja Tune promo)
8. Muros Transparentes—“Muros Transparentes” (remixes) EP (AT Pomelo)
9. Osymyso—Welcome To The Pailindrome (UK Sprawl)
10. Neina—Formed Verse (DM Mille Plateaux)
11. Hrvatski—Oiseaux 96-98 (US Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge)
12. T-Cisco—The Destructive Edit (US Ubiquity)
13. Snakefarm—“This Train That I Ride” (John Tejada remix) (US Kneeling Elephant promo)
14. Amel Larrieux—“Get Up” 12” (US 550 promo)
15. Future Tech/Drumsound—“Future Tech”/”Target Practice” (UK Technique promo)
16. Ripple Effect—Noise From The Fallen World (US Bloodroom CDR)
17. CNS Engineering/Monkey + 1—split 12” (US OMCO CDR)
18. 0/r—0/r (US 12k)
19. Various—“Voices In My Lunch Box Vol. 2” EP (US Plug Research test)
20. Gavin Froome—Mobile Villager (CAN Nordic Trax)
21. Monolake—“Gobi The Desert” EP (DM Monolake)
22. Recloose—“Spelunking” EP (US Planet E test)
23. Various—Regenerate (US Serotonin)
24. Max Brennan—live set (UK unreleased DAT)
25. Various—Best Of Moog: Electronic Pop Hits From The 60s & 70s (US Loud)
26. Army Of The 12 Monkeys—unreleased jam sessions EP (US Mad Monkey CDR)
27. The New Deal—This Is Live (CAN Sound + Light/Mo Funk)
28. Lights In A Fat City—Memory Ground (US City Of Tribes)
29. DJ Cheb I Sabbah—Shri Durga (US Six Degrees)
30. Motec—“Registered” 7” (UK Intrauterin test)

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