Electronics Report for July 1998 (compiled June 1, 1998)
by Andrew Duke

The Federation and Purple Penguin will play the Montreal Jazz Fest with 6 piece outfits. Jaz Klash will tear it up on the twin tables with MC Cokni O'Dire, and thrown down in Toronto-- joined by DJs such as Denise Benson-- and Ottawa. Benson's "Team Cannabis" collects choice cuts from the IronMusic stable, including her Disciples Of Yahoo project, plus material from the UK's Cup Of Tea. Investigate Finger's "Swollen", "Atom Heart Madras" from Govinda, Grantby's "Coffee Table Music", "Le Carburant du Cerveau!", and the Milk comp.

Peanut Butter Wolf still competes only with the California heat. Chasing the heels of Lootpack's "The Anthem" EP is the one that's kept us salivating--Rasco's full length debut. "Time Waits For No Man" includes 1997's "Unassisted" plus production from Protest, Paul Nice, PBW, Evidence, Kut Masta Kurt, and DJ Design, and guests Encore, DJ Revolution, Defari & Dilated Peoples, DJ Babu, Vin Roc, and Asia. Certain to be 1998's hip hop must-have.

Brooklyn-based Hydrant does its own thing while other labels crowd the copier. "Ruddy Brown Primer" is the third Varathane release for the imprint and begs attention. Forget pinning tech- step or suchlike on this sound. This healthy fusion of techno textures and vigorous rhythms with a drum n bass attitude is, simply put, damn good.

Clock Wise are making good on their campaign to bring their electronic music to outside ears. "Crossed Wires: Abstract Perspectives From Atlanta's Underground" features 16 artists that handle downtempo, drum n bass, and experimental beats with confidence. Grab this and Delarosa's "Sleep Method Suite" LP. Summer sees Johnny Ether's "Free Radical Generator" longplayer and a remix EP and closer to 1999 look for Osaga and Fascia to detonate.

Often when many sounds and styles boil in the musical kettle, the result is a foul brew. As Mocean Worker, Adam Dorn understands dynamism; pay some mind to his craftmanship and New York's Conscience tag. Anyone can scratch in a standard like "Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child" over a brittle beat; making it meld like it belonged there involves skill.

Those into the dreamy downtempo work of Kruder and Dorfmeister and labels like the German Compost will want to scoop Shantel's "Higher Than The Funk". Vocalist Liane Sommers evokes comparisons to Nicolette, as if she's talking to herself or singing in the attic to an audience of one. This is sleeper material that deserves to gain some recognition.

Getting some American distribution through Cargo, the Klute remix of King Kooba's "Brown Blood" hits with a selftitled album from Dogs Deluxe. While this drum n bass incarnation might seem unfamiliar, players Rolo McGinty and Rob Miller are tireless jacks of many trades. Besides heading the label together, McGinty lead popsters "The Woodentops" and moved into the electronic realm as Pluto. Miller solos too and wields the scalpel for the masterful Nuphonic and Idjut Boys. "Wreckin' Ball" is out on twelve with a Professor Stretch remix and a live take.

Import action sees Cyclops 4000 doing the vocal bizness on his Allstars rework of "Levitation" for The Runaways. Best known for Mo' Wax outings, the group has been studious with American hip hop poet Mike Ladd, Maximum (4 Hero) Style, and Sir Menelik himself (prepping his Rawkus LP). The fifth release on Moving Shadow's sublabel is well hewn gritty d n b from Calyx. Check too for Subtropic's newie on London's FAB; teasing us for his summer album, Jake has his original frenzy rebuilt by Click n Cycle.

Cognition Electronics Top 10

1. Rasco--"Time Waits For No Man" 2 X LP (US Stones Throw)
2. Varathane--"Ruddy Brown Primer" LP (US Hydrant)
3. Dogs Deluxe--"Dogs Deluxe" 2 X LP (UK Second Skin)
4. Shantel--"Higher Than The Funk" 2 X LP (US Stud!o K7)
5. Mocean Worker--"Home Movies From The Brainforest" LP (US Conscience)
6. Subtropic--"Public Service Announcement" 12" (UK Fused & Bruised)
7. Jaz Klash--"Thru The Haze" 2 X 12" (CAN Steam/IronMusic)
8. Calyx--"Double Zero" 12" (UK Audio Couture)
9. Runaways--"Levitation" 12" (UK Ultimate Dilemma)
10. Various--"Crossed Wires" 2 X LP (US Clock Wise)

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