Cognition's April 2000 Electronics Report and Chart
by Andrew Duke

Plug Research's Voices In My Lunchbox and Ersatz Audio's The Forgotten Sounds Of Tomorrow are two new compilations that you owe it to yourself to add to your collection. The former compiles two previous raved about vinyl EPs with the same title, featuring many electronic music wunderkinds, and brings in new pieces from Herbert and others. My favorite of the new cuts is the electro mashup between Ectomorph and Perspects. You'll also find material from these two (though not simply under those names) on the Ersatz Audio compendium, which takes a look back at the label's revered history of song-based electronic music; sometimes it's electro, but, regardless, it's always damn good. John Selway's Serotonin embraces the artist collective known as Fischerspooner and the result is a tasty 12" featuring "Emerge" and "Turn On". The latter features a remix from Selway. And Germany's Anthony Rother is finally set to give us his debut album after the stunning singles that have borne his name in the last two years. On his PSI49Net label, Simultationszeitalter (that's German for "the age of simulation") is concise, crisp, tightly produced, and full of those Rother atmospherics that fans of John Carpenter soundtracks will thoroughly enjoy. If you don't know Rother, but you appreciate Kraftwerk, there's another reason to look into this album when it hits store shelves in mid May.

The Wolves Hollow is the upcoming album from the prolific Marumari on New York's Carpark, and it's damn impossible to find a single fault with this work; audio snapshots of a mind comfortable with working in a variety of styles, from his takes on techno, IDM, and ambient, all with a nod to the song format. Blectum From Blechdom's "Snauses And Mallards", a 9 track EP on Sue Costabile and Kit Clayton's Orthlorng Musork, is electronic music with much verve and personality. It's not going to knock you over the head with accessibility, far from it, but it's a brilliant spin on warped techno, stuttering rhythms, soothing tones and drones, whatthehellisthat? sound experiments, and much more. If that sounds appealing, investigate as well Persona's frenetic Uptight album on Michigan's Simulated, and Barkertrax's 4 track EP (innovative music and packaging) on the UK's Sten Aggregates. Still on the UK tip, Focus releases an EP from Lacklustre with some older material and one new track from his forthcoming, much anticipated full length.

Journey Inwards (UK Good Looking) is LTJ Bukem's debut solo album. At 90 minutes in length, it's refreshing that this isn't just one standard lush drum n bass track after another. Yes, Bukem does plenty of d n b here, but he also gets into a variety of other tempos (even a house track that gives a nod to Larry Heard) and moods. For fans of digital d n b, check Current Value's In A Far Future (DM Position Chrome). Looking for something with a bit more edge? Mr. Busy, Kid 606, return s to V/VM Test Records to wreak havoc on NWA's "Straight Outta Compton", while on the same label, a number of artists pay a tongue in cheek tribute to the late Austrian Falco.

Zammuto manipulates samples of delayed and effected, picked and strummed guitar on the relaxing Willscher full length on New York's Apartment B imprint. And Carsten Nicolai (recording as Alva Noto) unveils more of his skills in the glitch genre on Prototypes for Germany's Mille Plateaux. Two limited editions 10" clear vinyl releases are soon come on the California based ()Dial. The Church Steps (label operator Mike Donovan and Rook "O.S.T." Vallade) is mutant downtempo swampmusic, while Vallade's solo piece is cut up percussives in a musique concrete fashion.

It's in the Ambient Systems series on Instinct, but Dietrich Schoeneman's Shadowgraphs, though a swell release of minimal atmospherics and reduced techno, can't really be called Ambient. More suited for that description is the engrossing Pop from Gas (Wolfgang Voigt, the man formerly known as Mike Ink) and the 6 track "Soccergirl" EP from Kid 606 on Carpark. Both of these recommended discs begin with hazy revolving soundwashes that demonstrate variations on a theme and finish with a faint kickdrum foundation floating in the background.

Cognition's Electronics Top 20 for April 2000
(compiled March 15, 2000)

1. Anthony Rother-Simultationszeitalter (DM Psi49net CDR)
2. Various-Voices In My Lunchbox (US Plug Research)
3. Various-Ersatz Audio: The Forgotten Sounds Of Tomorrow (US Ersatz Audio)
4. Marumari-The Wolves Hollow (US Carpark CDR)
5. Interim-"Low-level work" EP (UK Independent CDR)
6. Blectum From Blechdom-"Snauses And Mallards" EP (US Orthlorng Musork)
7. Lacklustre-EP (UK Focus test)
8. Barkertrax-EP (UK Stten Aggregates)
9. The Church Steps-10" (US ()Dial)
10. Fischerspooner-"Emerge"/"Turn On" 12" (US Serotonin test)
11. Various-"V/Vm Falco tribute" 2 X 7" (UK V/Vm Test)
12. Gas-Pop (DM Mille Plateaux)
13. Dietrich Schoenemann-Shadowgraphs (US Instinct)
14. Dean Roberts And The Black Moths-Play The Grand Cinema (DM Ritornell)
15. LTJ Bukem-Journey Inwards (UK Good Looking promo)
16. Current Value-In A Far Future (DM Position Chrome)
17. Persona-Uptight (US Simulated)
18. Various-Caipirissima: Batucada Eletronica (US Caipirinha promo)
19. Puracane-Things You Should Leave Alone (US Ubiquity promo)
20. Zammuto-Willscher (US Apartment B)

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