Album/Book Reviews (artist albums and doublepacks, compilations, mix CDs, and books):

Various: Statra's Paradigm Shift (US Statra)
Mouse On Mars: Niun Niggung (US Thrill Jockey)
Solvent: Solvently One Listens (CAN Suction)
Various: Or Some Computer Music Issue 1 (UK Or)

Material: Intonarumori (US Axiom/Palm Pictures)
Gavin Froome: Mobile Villager (CAN Nordic Trax)
Susumu Yokota: Image 1983-1998 (UK Leaf)
Ekko: Centripetal (CAN/UK Interchill)

Dan Sicko: Techno Rebels: The Renegades Of Electronic Funk (Billboard Books/New York)
Murk: Miami Vice mix CD (UK/US United DJs Of America)
Voiteck: Live At Your Mama's (AUS Truck Musik)
The Sushi Club: Sushidelic (DM Elektrolux)
Supreme Particles: Light As Skin (DM Elektrolux)
Etant Donne: Re-Up (FR Les Disques du Soleil et de l’Acier)
Kaffe Matthews: CD Cecile (UK Annette Works)
Various: Coalescence (CAN Alien8)

Space DJz: "On Patrol!" (Soma/Glasgow)
Sand 11: "Around The Day In A World" (Ladomat/Hamburg)
Rok: "Globus Mix Vol. 3 Sturm Und Drang" (Tresor/Berlin)
Lobe: "Hibernation" (~Swim/UK)
Quantum Leap: "Fotoplay" (Elektrolux/Germany)
Various: "Elektro Codes Two" (Elektrolux/Germany)
Starfish Pool: "Remixed" (Silver/Belgium and Canada)

Female: "Angel Plague" (Downwards/Birmingham)
Paul Johnson: "The Groove I Have" (Moody/Chicago)

Wildplanet: "Transmitter" (430 West/Detroit)
Super Collider (Cristian Vogel & Jamie Lidell): "Super Collider" (Loaded/UK)
Jimi Tenor: "Organism" (Warp/UK)

John Tejada: "Little Green Lights And Four Inch Faders" (A13/Essex UK)
Juan Atkins' Infiniti: "Skynet" (BML/Brooklyn)

Neil Landstrumm: "Pro Audio" (Tresor/Berlin)
Various: "Artefact#one" (Alien Artefact/Belgrade)
Aspen: "Album" (Elephant Electronic/New Zealand)
Various: "Tresor. Compilation Vol. 6" (Tresor/Berlin)
Underground Resistance: "Interstellar Fugitives" (UR/Detroit)

James Ruskin: "Further Design" (Blueprint/UK)
Kron: "Gold Und Liebe" (Harvest/Germany)
Forever Sweet: "Geben & Nehmen" (Ladomat/Hamburg)
Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination: "I Was Young And I Needed The Money" (Ninja
    Tune/Montreal & London UK)
Rancho Relaxo Allstars: "Live At Luv Parade Volume II" [ Rancho Relaxo (Brooklyn)/Disko B
Jason Buckle: "Flying Lo-Fi" (Rephlex/UK)

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